Information for pilots

Any aviator arriving at The Lodge via float plane would be advised to land anywhere in the Wolsely Bay with a landing run parallel to and around 100yds from either shoreline, wind, wave, under-surface rocks, and the presence of surface craft being taken into careful account.

It is unwise to land too close to a lee shore because the precipitous topography induces a pronounced down flow in the wind-pattern if the wind direction is more than about 30 degrees off the east/west orientation of the main bay. If a cross-wind is judged to be too hazardous to land or take-off, a ‘cross-bay’ approximately a half-mile east of The Lodge is roomy enough to permit landing in any wind condition. Upon taxiing to The Lodge, any size aircraft can be safely beached on either side of the dock complex although, for convenience, beaching to the east side of the dock is preferred or if a beach landing is inconvenient please tie-up at the end of our docking system. The coordinates for The Lodge are 46o 05.625 minutes North, 80o 13.833 minutes West.

Both Sudbury (CYSB) and North Bay (CYYB) airports are full-service aerodromes capable of handling the world’s largest aircraft. These airports are around 100km by road northwest and northeast of The Lodge at Pine Cove respectively.


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