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Need more than just recharging the batteries? Chat with us about activities; Picnicking on islands, kayaking or canoeing, the French River is made for swimming, hiking, our history tour, fishing, blueberry and cranberry picking, searching for chantrelles, slippery jacks and other mushrooms, visit a Pow Wow. Just some of the activities available to our guests at Lodge at Pine Cove. Visit the front desk or enquire when making a reservation. We will make your time with us fun and interesting.

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The area

An ancient fault line, older than the last two ice ages, created a system of lakes and drops called the French River. Containing countless islands, bays, channels, beautiful falls and rapids with broad expanses of open water. Discover the French River and you will return.

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Our history

In 1935 Gene Rioux, a local French Canadian, built Pine Cove Camp. A masterpiece of design combined with setting. Rioux’s lodge burnt in 1965. Rebuilt but not in the manner that approached the glory of the original structure, the lodge was operated by numerous owners. In 1999 the current owners began rebuilding the entire resort, including a new lodge building. Today, Lodge at Pine Cove echoes the 1930s style, with modern amenities and is proud to be among one of the finest lodges in Canada.

How it all began

The lodge

The main lodge at Pine Cove is a place to relax. The copper topped bar has a, “Here’s looking at you kid,” feel to it. Dine in our exceptional restaurant Brûlé. Lounge in the library, stocked with great literature. Sip afternoon tea, from our extensive tea menu and visit us on-line at www.lodge-shop.com. Arrange your next adventure on the water, with one of our experts. Browse over unique gifts and marvel at the hand wrought iron screen in the lobby. Chefs, adventure organisers, a fine wine list and comfortable seating, make the lodge a place you will want to visit.

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The cottages

Lodge at Pine Cove is composed of 19 delightfully designed private cottages, each is unique. Fitted into the landscape, they are of outstanding craftsmanship. Simple yet elegant, with touches of real luxury. Handmade wool rugs, luxurious beds, screened porches, dining areas & complete kitchens grace their interiors. Fine leafed teas and luxury coffees await your arrival. Soak in a handmade copper bathtub. Watch the water through the pine trees. Special spaces that will draw you back again & again. Each cottage has its own unique story.

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