Medical & Emergencies


Life Threatening Allergies

Please notify us in advance of your stay about any allergies. Please refer to this section of our website to throughly understand our allergy policies and considerations before making a reservation.


Medical aid on-site

Daytime – Basic Red Cross trained personnel, members of the lodge staff, are available most days between 8.30am and 5.00pm. First Aid kits, epi pens and an eye wash station are available on-site in various places. Please contact a member of our staff for information. After hours – if you need medical care, please contact or go to either Alex Strachan at Pine Cove cottage (just above the lodge & outfitting shed) or Daniel Viirtela at……cottage – see our cottage map or any other member of the staff on-site. The main lodge will be closed after 11.30pm and sometimes a bit earlier, depending on how busy we are.

Cottage map

Contact details