The Lodge at Pine Cove is located near the small community of Noelville on the French River, a 105-km (66-mile) heritage waterway Provincial Park that winds its way through a maze of channels and bays from lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay (Lake Huron). For many centuries this river was a major aboriginal trade route. When the Europeans arrived, they used the French River to gain access to the Great Lakes and Canada's and America's interior. French explorer Samuel de Champlain paddled it in 1615. During Canada's fur trade era, the river could be a swift one-day to 1.5-day downriver run for the famous voyageurs and Voyageur Country.


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The Lodge at Pine Cove is a unique combination of vacation resort and shared-ownership cottages on Canada's French River, a vast system of waterways, consisting of rivers, lakes and bays, deltas, cliffs and beaches, all surrounded by a seemingly endless forest. The French river system has both the excitement of rapids and the peace of broad stretches of flat water, some nearly four kilometres wide and dotted with islands just waiting to be explored. And here amid this beauty The Lodge and The Cottages sit, surrounded by the pink granite and the tall white pines of some of the world's most beautiful natural landscapes. Travel the waterways once used by famous voyageurs on your way to the ancient Dokis First Nation's lands of lakes and rivers on your weekend escape.