Marina The fascinating history of the lodge dates back to 1935 when the original owner, Gene Rioux, built it when Pine Cove was only accessible by water. The Rioux lodge was a masterpiece of design and setting, and the Rioux family continued to successfully own and manage the business until 1949. The old lodge burnt down in 1965 and was subsequently rebuilt, but never in a manner that approached the glory of the original structure. Finally, the Strachan family, the current owners, purchased it and rebuilt the entire resort. Today, The Lodge at Pine Cove is an elegant waterfront oasis in the 1930s style that combines a magnificent setting with comfort and excellent service; offering women, men and families a unique adventure holiday full of new experiences, learning and relaxing, all in a safe and comfortable environment.

Canoe Club What can you do at The Lodge? The French River is a magnificent kayaking, canoeing, swimming, hiking, picnicking and fishing paradise. The Lodge at Pine Cove owns and operates frenchriveradventures.com which offers programmes for the beginner or expert, provides guided and non-guided hiking, canoeing, kayaking and fishing; canoe and kayak rentals, gourment picnics on secluded islands, creative writing workshops, An annual paddle to a First Nations pow-wow, art workshops and various customized group retreats. You can get married at the lodge and each year we host several exclusive weddings. We also created a library that contains a fine collection of books on Canadian heritage so we are fully prepared even if all you want to do is sit in the sun and read. Whatever you choose to do, all of our programs are designed and led by experts - experts in their field and experts in enjoyment.

The French River itself is rich in history. For millennia, Algonquin tribes have paddled its waters to trade and hunt. From the 17th century, early explorers like Brule, Champlain, Radisson, Fraser, Mackenzie and Thompson, travelled the river as they explored and charted the new world. Missionaries, voyageurs and fur traders relied on the river for most of their travel as roads did not exist. Later, the lumber industry played a big role in opening up the area as settlements sprung up to support the lumbermen that arrived to cut vast swaths of trees and transport the lumber south by the river.

We are not part of a hotel or resort chain. The Lodge was rebuilt by the Strachan family, who own and operate the business, ably assisted by excellent staff and suppliers from the local area, just the way it was done over 70-years ago by Gene Rioux and his family. Here in the land of the voyageurs, guests can experience a French River wilderness adventure like no other. A truly unique Ontario wilderness lodge, The Lodge at Pine Cove offers casual sophistication and style, exceptional food and service, in a remote, but easily accessible wilderness oasis on the iconic French River.