Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Click on the question to reveal the answer. If you do not see the answer you are looking for, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your question.

General Questions

How varied is the French River?
This is by no means your typical river confined to a single streambed. The French is much more complicated, a true waterway system of delightful intricacy. There are few systems anywhere that offer such rich diversity of streams, channels, lakes, ponds, bays, gorges, falls, rapids, chutes, flat- and whitewater, forest, bush, islands, swamps, wetlands, beaches and Canadian Shield rock.

How wide is the French River?
The river is up to 2 kilometres (1.3 miles) wide in places.

What is the best time of the year to visit the French River?
The Lodge is open from May through October and each month is different and has its own beauty and attractions. In early May the river and forests are brimming with springtime feeling, the water is still cold and the levels are high so conditions for whitewater canoeing and canoe adventures are excellent. The birds are nesting so the air is full of colour and song as the fishing season begins around the 24th of May. By mid-June the water has warmed, with daytime temperatures often in the 20s C (68+ F), and it is perfect time to enjoy the last few quiet weeks before school vacations begin. July and August are the hot months and are popular with just about everybody, and life at The Lodge is in full swing in these lazy, hazy days of summer. September is our favourite month: the water warm, the sun hot, and, now that the children are back in school, a perfect time for a get-away. By October the fresh air has an added tang that heralds a change of seasons. Light frosts can occur at night and the trees burst into their full autumnal splendour, a seemingly limitless display of the glorious colours only nature can produce. The fishing is good and the canoeing is peaceful with few people out on the water. Toward the end of October a few snow flurries might even be in the air, and there is nothing like a hot drink and a good book in front of the fire after a day out exploring on the river.

What is the fishing like on the French River?
Walleye, muskie, small and large mouth bass, pike, whitefish, perch are all residents of the French. Each year offers another chance at catching a fresh-water giant for which the French River is so famous, the tough, voracious and elusive Muskie. The Walleye fishery has benefited from a 10-year re-stocking program, a size-and-catch restriction policy and also the voluntary catch-and-release practices of a lot of fishermen.

Are there available books and maps of the French River?
The Lodge recommends Toni Harting's book, French River: Canoeing the River of the Stick-Wavers, a fascinating history of the river from geological times to the late 1900s that belongs in the library of anyone interested in the early exploration and development of North America. The book is beautifully designed and researched with plenty of pictures to give you a real feel for this magnificent part of the world. We will send you this book on request (send us an email) for CDN$34.95 (or US$23.00) plus 13% tax and postage. We can supply you with a topographical map of the entire French River for $18.00 plus 13% tax and postage. The map details all topographical features of the river and has a convenient one-kilometre-square grid for distance reckoning.

Can we fly-fish on the French?
Cast a wet fly in the tail of a rapid and hook a smallmouth Bass, dry-fly from a canoe for Walleye or Pike or back-cast from the wide shorelines, and do all this while strengthened by a delicious picnic lunch prepared in our kitchen.

Can I launch my fishing boat at the lodge?
The Lodge has its own concrete launching ramp for guests' boats. This part of the French is not suited to large cruisers but more to small fishing boats.

What are the accommodations like?
We offer two types of accommodation in our cottages: the American Plan with meals included or self-catering cottages equipped with kitchens. The cottages are individually designed, finished to high standard in Pine and Cedar and fully equipped: screened-in porches, toilets and showers, comfortable beds and heating. All of these Ontario rental cottages have views of the water; some of them on three sides, and the privacy of our guests are assured by our layout and designs. See the accommodation portion of this website for details.

Is this a waterway system for canoeing and kayaking?
The French River and the surrounding region offer canoeists, kayakers, and sea kayakers a wealth of possibilities for adventure and discovery in an area of exceptional natural beauty. The Lodge at Pine Cove owns and operates French River Adventures and you will find all sorts of programmes for kayaking, canoeing, hiking, secluded picnics and other information on this site.

What outfitting facilities do you have?
The Lodge at Pine Cove owns and operates French River Adventures and can provide complete canoe and kayak outfitting, including water-taxi and shuttle services.

Do we serve meals to people who are in housekeeping (self catering cabins)?
The Lodge will provide on request Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, including a Picnic Lunch for taking out on the river.

Does The Lodge have a Spa?
No. The Lodge does everything it can to send you home relaxed and feeling pampered, but we do not have spa facilities.

Do we provide access for the handicapped?
The rough and rocky terrain of the Canadian Shield limits access for the handicapped. We will always do our best to help people of all ages and abilities, but personal safety demands that our guests be reasonably fit and able to walk up and down the rocks and trails that nature has provided.

Do we cater to hunters?
No. The Lodge is not equipped for hunters.

Is there wi-fi and telephones in the cottages?
We have excellent high speed satellite internet available in the lodge building for anyone to use.
Cell - There is limited cell phone service. Rogers is usually available around the lodge building and other connections nearby. We have a good telephone system for you to use.

Is there road access and parking?
Yes, the Lodge at Pine Cove is easily accessible from a well maintained paved road and parking is plentiful, except for the months of November through April when there can be a lot of snow on the ground.