Discover the French River... on foot and on the water.

The Lodge at Pine Cove is pleased to introduce French River Adventures. Located on-site at the Lodge, French River Adventures organizes programs and packages for Lodge guests, and offers canoes and kayaks for short and long-term rental.

french river adventuresFrench River Adventures, an experienced French River wilderness adventure and outfitting company, offers unique Ontario, adventure-vacation packages; guided paddling tours; and wilderness excursions on the French River. Suited for people of all ages and skill levels, these activities are based from the Lodge at Pine Cove. Most programs are ideal for children. They allow you, your spouse, family and friends to experience the historic French River from the water, as well as the shoreline.

Services include:
To enhance your time at the Lodge at Pine Cove and to learn more about these programs and packages, we invite you to visit French River Adventures or send an email to

Water Taxi: In 2012 we introduced this service and many guests made use of it to: transport canoes/kayaks, picnic, hike, swim, arrange events out on the river, or just take a cruise. We introduced this service to enable our guests to better engage with the incredible landscape that is the French River.


Date - July 2nd, 2016 (Canada Day long weekend)

Join us for a unique opportunity to experience French River cultural heritage through the eyes of nature interpreter, Norm Dokis and the Dokis First Nation Pow Wow.

We invite you to paddle our large Montreal canoe from the Lodge to the Pow Wow. We'll fill the canoe with a maximum of 18 paddlers (first-come, first-served) of all skill levels to make our way there in 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

It's a beautiful trip that follows the historic Voyageur route, with Norm along to point out ancient pictographs and escort you to the Pow Wow to be entertained by dancers from all over the region.We require a minimum of 12 adult paddlers, but can take 18. If we don't get the minimum number required to paddle, you may have the option to go by water taxi if there's enough space (max 12), so please state if you would be interested in motorized travel as well. Children welcome.

If the weather is inclement, we may wish to travel by motorboats -- or drive if lightning is an issue.

Paddle with us - $65+HST/person
Water Taxi - $85+HST/person

Both options include a gourmet picnic lunch.